Take control of the wind and guide the leaves through a beautiful and stylish world. Try to survive through the year as the seasons change and the leaves fall.

You are the wind, guide the leaves, flourish in the summer, survive the winter.

Update V2
Two new game modes, and lots of extra achievements!
Zen – Relax, you’re invulnerable. Just enjoy the view as you fly through the seasons.
EX – Faster, Harder, Shorter. If you’ve mastered original mode see how you do in EX mode.


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Game Of The Week! “Its gorgeous aesthetic and unique gameplay make it well worth the [US]$1.99 purchase price.” – Appadvice.com

“Combine the fun you’ll have with the great art style and mood presented, and On the Wind is a game that’s easily worth checking out” – Gamezebo.com

“On The Wind is a relaxing journey that’s a breeze to play.” – AppSmile.com

“Beautiful animations, soothing gameplay, and a title you’ll be playing for a long time to come.” – Modojo.com


  • Full retina graphics for the new iPad
  • Simple and intuitive ‘one touch’ controls
  • Relaxing play with the soothing sound of the wind, or challenge yourself to beat your friends
  • Beautiful world that’s generated as you play so it’s different every time
  • Game Center enabled with lots of tricky achievements, and leader boards to challenge your friends
  • Universal app, buy once and play on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.




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